Over the next few weeks I’ll be giving the blog an overhaul. I will be marrying all my passions into this one space, combining them together to create something I think we can both be proud to be a part of. If you scroll down to the right I have added a link to The Organic Sister. She has been fundamental to my personal growth which has allowed me to make positive changes in my life. I believe that growing isn’t limited to food production, that just like the plants we nurture we all need to strive to be the strongest, healthiest and most productive we can be. And we do that by nurturing our whole selves, not just one small portion.

I want to bring that to others.

Twice this week I have have seen the term “Renaissance Woman”. As someone that has a strong belief in looking at the signs I realize that the term is what I was looking for, the reason that I am the way that I am. That I can’t sit still or stop learning, exploring and being pulled in a thousand different directions by things that stir my interest. I just always thought I can’t leave well enough alone. That perhaps something was broken or wrong within me that wouldn’t allow me to just “be”; be content, be done with school, be focused on minimal things.

I get very animated, loud and talkative when I get going on a subject. I have this overwhelming need to learn about everything, accomplishing something – like when I wanted to make yarn, even though I hated to knit and bought a manual spinning wheel and did it – gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Even if I never pick it up again – I sold the wheel- I know how to do it. It’s very freeing to feel that independence.

I want to bring this feeling to others.

I love to cook, I love feeding people. There is a pure satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment in and of itself when you fill a wanting belly with wholesome, healthy food. It grows exponentially when you show them how to do it for themselves. The food we eat literally makes up who we are. It is so vital and necessary and so very, very poorly used. I have learned a lot over this past year eating a mostly Paleo diet. While I’m not right where I want to be with it (who is anyway?) I have grown -and shrunk! -30lbs! – and will continue to mold myself into the person I am meant to be physically. My lack of health before this journey was abysmal but I now possess more tools and a healthier immune system than ever before and it will only continue improve.

I want to help others find this.

So be on the lookout for a new look and feel to the site, the name might change – that’s still up for debate- and the look will I’m sure. There will be growing pains and things I do wrong. But the feeling and vibe should finally come together the way it’s meant to.

Until next time- With Love and Light to Grow





Green survey

I’m closing out my first week in the Sustainability and Conscious Living class for my Urban Farming Certification and I need YOUR HELP!

I have a super short 5 question survey up and need your answers ASAP! Answers are completely anonymous but feel free to share anything you’d like to discuss in comments.


Thanks for your help 🙂


I have been working on quite a few things lately that have kept me away from posting and social networking. I got The Right-Brain Business Plan ebook and have been slowly working on creating a business plan. I just finished my last assignment for my last class for my AA degree and will be taking the final over the weekend. Four years for a two year degree but I am done Huzzah! (now to finish paying for it LOL) I have also embarked on a new journey with a new school and am nearly half way through a certificate in Landscape Design. I’ve been sewing up quilts and other things for a fundraiser for my autistic son’s medical care and service dog. And this is mostly in between homeschooling the kids, doing chores and running errands, reading for pleasure (because I need a break!) and getting in the occasional shower.

A huge heat wave came by and my poor wee plants in the window got char-broiled. I’m still debating on trying again or waiting until the summer heat is a little less intimidating. I have been having issues with the heat mat, too. The point of that confession is that even if you have a lot of experience, things still go wrong.

I’m planning to start posting regular, making myself a schedule and all that. I’m hoping to do a workshop in a few weeks for backyard chickens. Just need to shore up my confidence and find a place first.


I just replanted 18 Sweetie and Yellow Pear starts into their own cowpots today. They’ve taken up a new place under a grow light in the back bedroom. They bend toward the sparse blinding light allowed through the southern window. I check on them many times a day to make sure their stalks are straight, to turn them away from the sun when they bow too deep to their god.  As warm and bright as it is, the light from that window is no match for the clean, scorching heat you feel in the yard.  Free of the confines of double-pane glass and studded walls the warmth of a Florida summer beats down in pulsing waves kissing skin with melting breath. You work hard and fast in the morning hours to be relieved before that afternoon intensity shocks your soul, when your boot shod feet feel too heavy to move and the weeds in the garden are insurmountable obstacles. And you hate Florida then, you hate the three growing seasons, the ridiculous number of pests, the heat that turns you to walking liquid in seconds flat and wish you didn’t have the drive to plant, to sow, to grow.

Then you leave it, thinking the break will be nice.

But by late spring, when chick sales are booming and your spam box is ridiculing you with a vast number of gardening emails you start to bend, searching for the sun, for the heat, for the clean beauty of dirt in your nails, sweat on your brow, the pink stain of sunlight on your shoulders. Laughing at yourself for whining over the weather because you had no idea how good you had it.

The seedlings will be going to new homes with rich full sun and no restrictions on their tap-roots, though they don’t know it yet. And me? I’ll be alright for a few seasons, I just have to keep my stalk straight.




Hello! I’m Crystal, creator of the Suburban Steward. This blog has been created to combine my passions for farming, education and healthy living into a macaroon of deliciously helpful information. It’s also going to be a place where I chronicle my journey learning and forming my own small business as a consultant for urban/suburban/mini/micro farming. Helping others to create a thriving farm oasis in their own property lines, supplement their food supply with righteous nutrition and establishing realistic, workable goals to move from city living to country life are just a few things I look forward to.

Here goes nothing.