Over the next few weeks I’ll be giving the blog an overhaul. I will be marrying all my passions into this one space, combining them together to create something I think we can both be proud to be a part of. If you scroll down to the right I have added a link to The Organic Sister. She has been fundamental to my personal growth which has allowed me to make positive changes in my life. I believe that growing isn’t limited to food production, that just like the plants we nurture we all need to strive to be the strongest, healthiest and most productive we can be. And we do that by nurturing our whole selves, not just one small portion.

I want to bring that to others.

Twice this week I have have seen the term “Renaissance Woman”. As someone that has a strong belief in looking at the signs I realize that the term is what I was looking for, the reason that I am the way that I am. That I can’t sit still or stop learning, exploring and being pulled in a thousand different directions by things that stir my interest. I just always thought I can’t leave well enough alone. That perhaps something was broken or wrong within me that wouldn’t allow me to just “be”; be content, be done with school, be focused on minimal things.

I get very animated, loud and talkative when I get going on a subject. I have this overwhelming need to learn about everything, accomplishing something – like when I wanted to make yarn, even though I hated to knit and bought a manual spinning wheel and did it – gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Even if I never pick it up again – I sold the wheel- I know how to do it. It’s very freeing to feel that independence.

I want to bring this feeling to others.

I love to cook, I love feeding people. There is a pure satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment in and of itself when you fill a wanting belly with wholesome, healthy food. It grows exponentially when you show them how to do it for themselves. The food we eat literally makes up who we are. It is so vital and necessary and so very, very poorly used. I have learned a lot over this past year eating a mostly Paleo diet. While I’m not right where I want to be with it (who is anyway?) I have grown -and shrunk! -30lbs! – and will continue to mold myself into the person I am meant to be physically. My lack of health before this journey was abysmal but I now possess more tools and a healthier immune system than ever before and it will only continue improve.

I want to help others find this.

So be on the lookout for a new look and feel to the site, the name might change – that’s still up for debate- and the look will I’m sure. There will be growing pains and things I do wrong. But the feeling and vibe should finally come together the way it’s meant to.

Until next time- With Love and Light to Grow





Gasp! What is this?!

Some of you might be having a problem with  your plants right about now. It’s hot, humid and the perfect breeding ground for these little beasts is your lovely, well watered garden veggies.


I haven’t checked on my tomato plants for a few days and went out today to pinch off suckers. There are a few flowers out there and I’m very anxious to get into these heirloom Mr. Stripies that are supposed to be producing by now. These caterpillars I have ensconce themselves in the leaves by folding them over and sealing them with silk. Then they have a nice little cocoon that’s shaded and made of everything delicious to eat. I had quite a few so I picked them off with the leaves they inhabited and ground them into the cement.

Left caterpillar. Right caterpillar encased in leaf.

Sounds pretty harsh? Not if you want to salvage defenseless plants. I’m what you might call SUPER old school when it comes to gardening. I do not add anything not-organic or edible to my beds and I don’t use any, at all, ever chemical (even *organic*) over the counter sprays. I could probably soap up the plants but again, if I wouldn’t eat it I won’t spray my plants up with it either because no matter how biodegradable or non-toxic. Its not food and it WILL be absorbed by the plant and introduced in the fruit. Especially when introduced into a small biological environment like a raised bed or Earthbox (the latter is what I’m using for the toms).

My other issue is the basil. It is still prolific, shooting seed tops almost daily and has good hearty growth but has some yellowing leaves. This I believe is caused by over watering in a pot. It’s raining like a madhouse here and even poured today (after me watering it yesterday, doh!) so I’m going to move it into the covered porch (the only outside non-rain place) and see how it does.