I have been working on quite a few things lately that have kept me away from posting and social networking. I got The Right-Brain Business Plan ebook and have been slowly working on creating a business plan. I just finished my last assignment for my last class for my AA degree and will be taking the final over the weekend. Four years for a two year degree but I am done Huzzah! (now to finish paying for it LOL) I have also embarked on a new journey with a new school and am nearly half way through a certificate in Landscape Design. I’ve been sewing up quilts and other things for a fundraiser for my autistic son’s medical care and service dog. And this is mostly in between homeschooling the kids, doing chores and running errands, reading for pleasure (because I need a break!) and getting in the occasional shower.

A huge heat wave came by and my poor wee plants in the window got char-broiled. I’m still debating on trying again or waiting until the summer heat is a little less intimidating. I have been having issues with the heat mat, too. The point of that confession is that even if you have a lot of experience, things still go wrong.

I’m planning to start posting regular, making myself a schedule and all that. I’m hoping to do a workshop in a few weeks for backyard chickens. Just need to shore up my confidence and find a place first.


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